The mission of the Maui Association of Landscape Professionals (MALP) is to exemplify leadership by offering education to its membership, the industry, and the community.

Pests & Diseases in Maui Landscapes

This section of the MALP website is an extension of a presentation Allison Wright gave at the MALP Educational Meeting April 2nd, 2019.

The importance of this information to the community was proven by the number of people noticeably taking serious notes during the presentation. The format: a timeline of when to anticipate the increase of a pest/disease’s activity, the signs & symptoms to look for, and the best times for treatments can be immensely useful to a Maui homeowner in addition to the Maui Landscape professional in charge of acres of landscaping.

We are grateful to Allison for donating the power point slides, images, and notes which has added greatly to the website.

The development of Pests & Diseases in Maui’s Landscapes hasn’t finished. We will continue to track existing landscape pest control issues as their impact and treatment methods evolve and to report on new threats. Depending on the interest, we could add weeds focusing on invasive species including specific methods for their control.

Please consider sending us your snapshots of your Maui landscape problems for inclusion on the website and also your suggestions for new pest and disease pages.

Since this part of the website is going to grow and as a result get reorganized the navigation will change so to follow the original presentation order just click the “NEXT -->” link at the bottom of each of the original pages.

Integrated Pest Management

Basic Principles

  1. Know the threshold you can tolerate (no where can be 100% pest free)
  2. Monitor & Identify
    • Identify the pest or disease
    • Understand how this pest or disease affects the plant & how it eats
    • Know the pest’s lifecycle
  3. Prevention
    • Use cultural methods to keep the plants healthy
    • Start with healthy soil
    • Keep the plants properly fertilized
  4. Control
    • Mechanical – remove the pest from the plant by trimming
    • Water – spray/wash the plant with water
    • Weeding
  5. Chemical Control – use ‘targeted’ chemicals